I moved home: What happened while i was offline

As not many of you will know i moved home over a month ago because Nan couldn’t afford it (partly because of the fucking Bedroom tax) but also because she can’t climb stairs that well anymore. However the move went absolutely terrible.

When we were packing the stuff we thought we’d go on the day we were told but that didn’t happen so for a few days I had barely anything to do especially when Nan was told she couldn’t have broadband with Virgin at the flat. She asked if they could cut it off Sunday so they decided to be complete assholes and cut it off Midnight Saturday which while its technically right its obviously not what we wanted.

Then the moving van didn’t turn up, or a person that was meant to help move stuff did but he was too drunk to drive so we had to sleep at home for another night. It was then we found out that alot of things had already been taken to the flat like the towels and Nans bed cover. I had to sleep wearing my clothes and a coat so I didn’t freeze. We couldn’t sleep at the flat even though the people we moved with temporarily stayed with others because the new boiler hadn’t been finished yet so there was no heating.

When the stuff started getting moved I was stuck at the old house with the two people that were moving in and some of their family and while Nan actually knew one of them very well it was still very weird for me. I noticed the the people helping us load the stuff were being a bit lazy. In fact my TV was put on the van (?) without anything keeping it on and my Xbox 360 had only its beaten up box to protect it if the worse had happened.

When I finally walked into the flat it was a nightmare (sort of). Stuff had been put down in totally random places and the floors were dirty with pieces of food and childrens toys in every room. In fact all the furniture from my bedroom and Nans were in my bedroom creating a horrible maze. For some reason the kettle, sugar and teabags ended up at the back of my bedroom at the end of the said compact maze despite the bag being open and the kitchen being not that far away. The front room was was full with stuff including part of a sofa that hadn’t been moved out yet. It must of taken about 2 weeks or more just to sort it all into the right rooms.

During this we found out something dreadful, the council had made a deal with sky to have a communal aerial system that could only use sky and the free tv providers like freeview and freesat. It was a breach of tendency to have any work to install anything so Talk-Talk (what Nan wanted) or Virgin was impossible since they had all old wires cut. We still have the dead boxes on the wall but luckily they’re in a corner people would probably ignore.

TV-wise we were told we would have free Sky and while I obviously thought it was total BS i went along with it with the idea the Council might have thought about the people for once when they made the deal. I even made a custom cable to plug into the Sat1 slot in the wall. We got Freeview but the TV is horrible and the guide glitches out like crazy. Its only 720p as well which didn’t matter because it only picked up channels in SD quality. Luckily on the day I wrote this a sky engineer was scheduled to install the Sky+HD box so I’ll update if its any good. UPDATE: Its awesome.

When Nan finally gave up and got Sky we had to wait 2 weeks for what seemed like no apparent reason before they’d give it to us. During that time it was more cleaning and sorting every day. In fact we aren’t even finished now. Most of the rooms are begging to be repainted, all the door frames need to be stripped back to the original wood and probably alot more but it doesn’t actually bother me that much.

I’m hoping that if I ever have to get my own place (somehow) it will go much more smoothly.


2 thoughts on “I moved home: What happened while i was offline

  1. I know how you feel, I’ve only got one barely working console and that’s my PS2. The CD-drive in my PS1 recently died and I had to sell all my other consoles back in 2012 to pay household bills. 😦

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