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Coin Dozer is a virtual coin machine/casual game for android by Game Circus which let’s you play on a coin machine and win (fictional) prizes.

Its highly simplistic and yet sadly like a lot of free mobile games goes a bit crazy with in app purchases, adverts and the usual waiting time after you’ve ran out of something (in this case being the coins). You can tell its a little too desperate for money from the screenshot below since there are 4 buttons that are money related (the 2 plus signs next to the currencies, the ‘free coins’ button and the easy to guess coin shop). And thats not even including the banner ad at the bottom either.


The coin physics do work alright and there is special coins but honestly there is nothing special about it, would of been better if they slowly updated the amount of prizes or had different machines to keep it interesting.

Overall its an incredibly meh game, I know there are people that like casual games like this but theres probably loads that would give you more satisfaction out there.

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