‘Best Tablet Company’ 7 inch Android Tablet Review

I’m in a rush to beat this things horrid battery life. Also note I can’t take pictures of it at the moment. Let’s start the horror story:

Merely looking at the box gave a dreadful insight into what I had been given, not a single brand name to be seen. Simply the words “Android” and “Tablet PC” accompanied by a very generic looking picture.

A look at the contents of the box also gives this impression as the tablet itself is made out of cheap plastic and the charger doesn’t even fit into the slot properly. I obviously couldn’t test USB support since I have no PC.

It also only has 1 camera which is a VGA quality one, the back only has the woefully shit speaker that makes you want to cry with how bad it is.

Its even worse once you turn it on though, the screen resolution is 480p max and wouldn’t surprise me if it was 360p. It takes forever to load anything and it only has 0.98GB storage which didn’t seem to change even I added my 4GB micro SD card. Did i mention the camera app camera app never worked.

At least the touchscreen is decent and the audio is passable using headphone. Apps also work ok-ish when they’ve finally loaded.

Overall this is something no sane person should think of using.


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