Do Videogames cause Violence? Here’s my opinion.

Now I could just say No and it’d be the shortest article ever. Afterall there’s tonnes of graphs and information all over the place that destroys the myth (I can’t add any to mine but i don’t think i need them).

As most people know by now alot of media are incredibly lazy and are always looking for a scapegoat (something to blame for everything). And that thing is videogames, usually anything to do with guns. Whenever there’s any kind of shooting ever the media rushes to see if that person was a Gamer. I don’t know how they got that logic personally.

Its essentially something like this: Person shot up a school? FPS Videogames. Person got stabbed? Videogames. Anything to do with Violence? Probably Videogames.

What if we used that logic for other things though: Person goes into a china shop and smashes all the pots? Its because they played Legend of Zelda. Drives Dangerously and causes a Pile-up? Must of played Burnout. Both sound incredibly dumb but they are exactly the same as the existing claims.

I’m not happy enough with simply saying that Videogames don’t cause violence though. I’d even say they prevent violence from happening. By being able to control the videogame character it gives the feeling that you are the one doing the things (even more so with VR getting better). This means there are two places in which a person can be violent aka release their anger: Real Life and Videogames. By removing violence from videogames you’d also remove most gamers form of stress relief and it would be far more likely for them to do something stupid.

Want to know an opinion thats obviously controversial? I think that if children were killable in videogames there could be less school shootings. Afterall currently real life is the only place you can do that. I’m not saying its the reasons for the shootings since there are loads of people with some sort of mental illness in the world but not having the ability to do so hasn’t done anything about the problem so its worth a try.

So since i just said why Videogames don’t cause violence let me tell you what i think could: Mental Illness, Abuse and possibly violent movies to an extent. The first two are self explanatory while the reason why movies could cause violence is similar to the Videogame example. Afterall unlike games you don’t control the violence at all. To put it clearer, you wouldn’t re-enact violence from a game because you already feel like you’re doing it but you obviously don’t watching movies.

Overall though not only do I believe Videogames actually prevent violence but I’d rather the media stop being so lazy. No more scapegoats are needed, not like there ever will be a new one though.


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