My views on Religion as an ‘non-believer’

There used to a time where i used to simply ignore religion, i felt that people could simply believe in whatever they wanted. However i feel now would be a good time to get this post over and done with.

I’m not going to be 100% specific about certain religions here as i’m not purposely trying to start a flame war here. Even if i do hear alot of disturbing things like paedo priests, hatred of animals, no rights for women etc among other things i’d rather leave that for other people to discuss in detail.

First of all I am not saying religion is entirely a bad thing, I happen to have met (and talked to) some incredibly nice people out there. Ones that treat everyone equally regardless of race, gender or beliefs (how everyone should really act).

However there are people who seem to have warped ideas of their religion. These people have no problem telling you you’re going to hell for not believing in their religion and sometimes simply for disagreeing with their views. How many religious documents say that non-believers go straight to Hell?

These types of religious people also tend to be incredibly stupid, hanging onto beliefs like facts and in a few cases simply believing they are always right.

Although simple stupidity and abuse throwing is nowhere near the worst, there are even people willing to murder because of it as well. Note that killing is wrong for 99.99% of reasons and doing it for something that may or may not even exist is obviously one of the worst.

There are even times when i wonder if some religious people out there are essentially fake, thinking that you can simply believe you are part of a religion and get all the benefits (if any) while ignoring the ‘rules’ you are set. I’ve heard way too many stories of supposedly religious people doing things that aren’t actually allowed in their religion.

I came up with a theory about why some people claim to be religious after i saw the question “What do you think happens to you after death?”. As a non-religious person i believe that you essentially stop existing when you die and it is truthfully quite a scary thing to think about. However, from what i know almost all religions have some sort of possible reward after death (Heaven, Paradise, Tonnes of Virgins, Reincarnation etc). Are there people that are ‘religious’ simply because of this fact? No-one will ever know.


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