No violence against females in games?! My views on Feminism.

I’ve been meaning to write this article for quite a while and because of GTA V’s removal from Target Australia and Kmart i feel its very important to put my views across before it happens again.

As you can tell by the title Feminists have struck again complaining about females being hurt in videogames. The petition that took GTA V out of some shops claimed things like rewarding violence against women even going far enough to call it “sexual violence”. However the GTA series has always been equal opportunity with who you kill (aka anyone you see). It can even be argued that the game already bends in their favor as barely any girls die during the story while you mow down tonnes of guys.

The truth is feminists are in two groups that all want the same thing which is said removal of violence as well as constant complaints of being mistreated. These complaints are usually as a consequence of their incredibly stupid views (although i would like to mention no-one deserves death threats or anything else on that level).

One group degrades themselves claiming all women are ‘weak’ and ‘innocent’ while calling men ‘power’ and ‘prejudice’ and other words they just pulled out a dictionary. They seem to live in their own fantasy world, every sane person knows females can be powerful people (and have killed people). For example my aunt can easily pin you to the wall if she wanted to (and she’s pretty much normal).

The other group sometimes says things similar to the first group but when they do there’s a sense of sarcasm behind their words. These are the ones that believe they are better than males and they usual struggle to come up with logical reasons. One that i hear alot is “because we’re the ones that give birth” which makes some sense when talking about who keeps the child during a divorce but i’ve legitly seen people try using it in normal arguments. Its so stupid.

Feminism, while confusing to some and a total mess it can be described as the belief that Females are not equal to Males. Which is just not how anyone should think, we are all human, we are all equal. So what would happen if these people got what they wanted? Let me answer that for you:

To truly remove violence against females in videogames would mean they would also have to stop being playable as well and possibly not appearing at all. While alot of them would probably want females kept playable i’m just stating an obvious conclusion, afterall you can easily inflict violence on your player character by purposely walking in to traps and letting yourself get attacked by enemies can’t you? That would mean no Samus or Lara Croft for 2 easy examples. Lets just hope it never actually gets that far.


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