“Home on the Range” Movie Review

I hadn’t watched this for ages so i thought i’d review it. It was also a great time to find out why it was so unpopular.

The movie was almost too fast in giving away the identity of the bad guy, it kind of ruined the happy atmosphere they tried having at the beginning because you already knew what was going to happen (and not simply because you’ve seen it before). The ‘Farm about to be sold’ plot was way too obvious.

The main characters aka the cows (as well as some other animals) looked incredibly strange and it was hard to like any of them either (especially the horse).

The movie does waste some time with the cows trying to go to a fair by themselves which was actually an excuse to introduce the annoying horse who i guess is funny to kids.

Although i think it was meant to seem incredibly dumb when they decided to try and catch the bad guy.

While on the topic of the bad guy, he was made obviously evil looking like you’d guess they would look in a family/childrens film. He also gets his own bad guy song as usual which is weird as hell with stuff glowing and changing colors like a non drug user would imagine an acid trip looks like. Personally i didn’t like like the visuals or the song itself (even if it did fit the movie).

Something else that bothered me was the fact the movie seemed to try too hard to make it seem sad (using music as well). I’m not saying it should of been happy the whole way through but dragging it out when everyone knows the ending isn’t exactly smart.

Overall i can definitely see why people didn’t like this film. The plot and characters were weird and the Villain song wasn’t really that good either. I’d say watch it if you have kids but don’t expect to enjoy it.


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