“Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete” Movie Review

[Note: i’m typing this using a wii due to no PC and can’t do much, sorry for the inevitable bad quality]

Despite the fact i’ve still never actually played Final Fantasy 7 i was quite looking forward to watching this (again). I already knew how the story of FF7 went anyway.

It has quite an interesting start where you are shown around 10 mins of other characters in what seemed like a nice addition before Cloud and the villains were introduced.

In fact, Cloud is introduced in an extremely cool way aka a cool motorbike chase with the ‘villains’ of the movie. Part of me felt this scene was strategically placed to balance out the large ammount of talking in the scene just after but i personally found it quite interesting. Throughout the movie the focus is switched between alot of characters but it never seems rushed. Not to mention there’s no characters that you’d think shouldn’t be there. There’s even a point where one of the ‘villains’ has the FF7 victory theme as a ringtone, an easter egg of sorts that doesn’t feel forced at all.

What some people might of watched this movie for is the fights which i personally believe get more and more awesome until the final battle with Sephiroth (totally not a spoiler). Something a few people may not like though is the final battle is the only appearance of Sephiroth in this film, he is technically a major plot point but people might of wanted to see more of him.

Overall i think its an amazing movie to watch, especially for anyone thats played and liked the game. They manage to fit practically all the well known characters in (even Zack and Aerith despite them being dead), what more would would you want.

P.S. One thing that sorta distracted me watching this was the thought “What if the game was remade with this level of Detail?!” I bet you’ll think that too.


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