The Battle of Olympus (NES) Retrogaming Review

For obvious reasons it looks nothing like that.

The Battle of Olympus (or Olympus no Tatakai in Japan) is a Side Scrolling Action Adventure game developed by Infinity and published by Broderbund. The Japanese release was first in 1988 with the American release near the end of 1989 but surprisingly the European release was late into 1991.

The basic idea is that your Girlfriend has been kidnapped by Hades and you have to go and get ‘powers’ from the Gods before going and saving her.

Battle of Olympus, The (E)-0
They are some really ugly houses.

As soon as you get into the game you can tell why people compare it to Legend of Zelda II. Its just like the towns, although the houses here look kinda ugly like they tried to make them 3d-ish and failed miserably.

It doesn’t even take long for the game to become infuriatingly annoying with worm enemies that are too short even for your crouch attack. You have to attack them when they hop and since that’s randomized you may find yourself totally murdered by the ‘weakest’ thing in the game. If it wasn’t for the fact they only have 1 Hp i would have instantly quit the game. Did i mention that the shield you hold at the start of the game is only decoration.

The fact you need to actually crouch to pick stuff up may be realistic but its the kind of realism that i don’t really care about in videogames. I’d rather auto-pick up stuff, who would seriously leave money and life energy on the floor.

Something else that greatly bugged me was the fact the developers were trying to create a 3d world entirely with the 2d sections. Instead they created an incredibly annoying maze where its actually hard to remember where you are going (or even where you need to go).


It took so long to do so little.
It took so long to do so little. Also that’s an enemy beating me up btw.

After an insane amount of absolutely pointless running around while fighting the endless hoards of annoying enemies i finally worked out where Zeus was and then managed to get my first power. It was a shield that supposedly protects me although not only does the shield your holding not even change color or anything, its still decorative and almost extremely pointless.

Overall i believe this game has way too many flaws to be worth playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of those games that was mainly developed to take advantage of Legend of Zelda II. I’d recommend just playing that game instead.




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