Balloon Fight (NES) Retrogaming Review

Balloon Fight is a Platformer Developed and published by Nintendo. The idea is quite simple, you have 2 balloons while the enemies each have one. You have to defeat the enemies in order to go to the next level.

Its actually a port of an Arcade game on the Nintendo Vs. System called Vs. Balloon Fight. The arcade version didn’t have Balloon trip but had completely different level layouts because of its capability for Vertical scrolling and a few Gameplay differences.

I'll be referencing this picture alot.
This pic is quite useful.

I’ll only need to talk about the 1 player game since the only difference in the 2 player mode is there is another Balloon Fighter on the screen.

While the Background wasn’t exactly pretty it wasn’t bad either. Everything was simplistic. The simplistic moving stars was a nice touch though.

The controls are pretty easy to get used to, B is constant ‘flapping’ which is good for when you want to go up fast and A does a single ‘flap’ for more precise movement. Although i never really used A that much at all nor felt that it was 100% necessary either.

Despite seeming very simple the game is great for people that like using strategies:

  • If you don’t care about points you can actually attack and kill the fox-like aliens before they even fill up their balloons.
  • Those that want to get high scores while tearing through levels can kill parachuting aliens before they land scoring them double what you’d usually get for killing them.
  • And last of all, those that really want to take advantage of the game can keep hitting the same fox down before waiting for them to refill (and upgrade similar to Mario Bros) before repeating it as much as they want.

Another cool thing is the big fish that swims in the water at the bottom of the stage. Usually its a trap for idiotic players but it turns out it has a fun (and kinda evil) use. Basically pop an aliens balloon above the water and if they go near it the fish will jump and and eat them (aka what it does to you).

Every few levels there is a Bonus stage where you must pop balloons coming out of pipes. I usually ignore Bonus levels in my reviews but i realised that not only are they a great way to get alot of points quickly via the Super Bonus (popping all balloons) but it really helps you improve your control as well.

Other than that Spinners (things that knock you around) and ball of electricity (that instakill you) are the only things that get added later so thats about it.

Current Score: 18660 Rank 14. Have any of you beat the top score of 25,000?
Current High Score: 18660 Rank 14. Have any of you beat the top score of 25,000?

Balloon trip is an extra mode in the NES version that wasn’t in the original arcade game. The idea is simple, make you way through the maze dodging electric things and racking up points by popping balloons. Its not actually that easy though.

If you read the first part of my review you’ll remember the electric things are insta-kill, to top that off though you only have a single try to get as far as you can. In fact after a while the electric things stop being static and actually start moving (although its not a surprise if you’ve seen them in the main game).

Luckily you do have a little help, for some reason bubbles stop the screen moving. The idea is to use that time to safely get as many of the balloons on the screen. While this game is not actually multiplayer it is incredibly fun to compete with someone for the high score.

Overall i think this game is a really fun thing for both Single and Multi Player. Definitely something that you should at least try once (or more).



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