Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja (NES) Retrogaming Review

I grabbed the boxart from a different site this time.

Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja is a Beat-em-up developed by Data East and published by either Data East USA (USA release) or Ocean Software (European Release) in 1988.

The intro was definitely interesting in the way although it did kind of prove how bad the plot is. The president was kidnapped by Ninja’s and you have to go save them and that’s about it.

This is literally a few seconds after the game starts...
This is literally a few seconds after the game starts…

Even from the screenshot alone it was easy to tell the graphics were quite good. In fact the second level takes place on a Moving truck with a city in the background. The HUD was quite good as well with everything being easy to read. The music in the background was ok but not that memorable.

The Gameplay was actually quite cool. Unlike what alot of other Beat-em-up games seem to avoid it used one button to do all the attacks and another to do a jump. The moves change depending on the direction you’re pressing, you can also hold the button down for a Awesomely Explosive Punch. Even better was the Spin Kick you can do by pressing A+B at the same time while walking. You can also find a knife which is cool as well.

That guy breathes fire. He's also dumb.
That guy breathes fire. He’s also dumb.

While enemies can be a real pain (especially projectile throwing ones) i also found out some of them can be skipped by simply alternating between platforms. I even found out that alternating between platforms was a really easy way to defeat the first boss as you could punch him as he finishes jumping up/down to follow you. Back then its was called a Strategy but these days they’d probably see it as Bad A.I.

Overall i actually think this is quite a good game. Only thing i don’t know about is if this is a downgrade from the original arcade version like most most old ports were. In other words if you’re a Collector go ahead and get this but if you just emulate games you might as well try the Arcade Version instead.




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