Aussie Rules Footy (NES) Retrogaming Review

Yes, Australian Exclusive games do exist.

Aussie Rules Footy is an Sports Simulation game developed by Beam Software and Published by Mattel exclusively for Australia. It is the first game that has been based on the Australian Football League.

For the sake of the review i decided to only do a single match between two random teams (Sydney Vs. Melbourne). The fact you could customise your team color a bit was nice but almost non-existent compared to today’s standards.

I wish i knew what i was doing...
I wish i knew what i was doing…

The sprites are actually quite good for a NES with all the sprites being proportioned correctly. Something else that was good was the fact the game has Voice clips as well. There was one massive problem though, since i was playing on an emulator i had no idea what the buttons were and lost horribly.

Talk about cramped...
The ball is there somewhere…

After a while i finally got what the rules seem to be. You have to kick the ball from person to person before kicking it in between the posts to score. However i never worked out how to tackle people (just run into them?) and the jump never seemed to help at all.

Overall i really would leave games like these not only to people that actually know and enjoy the sport its simulating but also have the manual. I’m don’t usually like sports games and with this review you can probably tell why.


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