Airwolf (NES) Retrogaming Review

Based on a TV Series… got a bad feeling about this.

Airwolf is a Flight Combat Simulation for NES developed by Beam Software and published by Acclaim. Its based on a TV show of the same name. The idea is quite simple, you have to fly a helicopter (Codename: Airwolf) in order to save all the hostages within the level without being shot down.

Its always sunny in most old games.
Its always sunny in most old games.

The first thing to annoy me was the fact there was no music in the missions at all (only outside the missions). The second thing to annoy me was the controls, while A and B controlled the weapons someone in the Dev team thought it would be smart to have up and down control altitude while Select and Start control your speed. As you can guess there is absolutely no way to pause (especially on the original hardware), you keep playing or you die. Not a good first impression at all.

This is more annoying than it looks.
This is more annoying than it looks.

In order to retrieve hostages or refill on fuel you have to go through this horrible minigame thing. Although it is pretty easy one little mistake equals instant death which really annoyed me.

The game is actually much easier than it seems though with me getting through 5 of the missions on my very first try. I also realised why other reviewers had called the gameplay dull, the only difference between missions is the amount of enemies and hostages (as well as the color of the background).

The very last notable thing that annoyed me was the Post Mission Debriefing (aka where you see your score). There is no way to skip it or speed it up at all so you have to wait for it to be typed out every time.

Overall i do not recommend this. Its not horribly bad like you’d think something based on a show would be but at the same time there is nothing that jumps out as good either.




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