Adventures of Rad Gravity (NES) Retrogaming Review

You’ll never see a name like that these days.

The Adventures of Rad Gravity is a Platformer for the NES developed by Interplay Productions and published by Activision in 1990.

The story was quite simple, humans create sentient computer things using biotechnology and the bad guy hides them so you have to find them all (save for the one you already found). One very noticeable thing is Rad Gravity has a very large head for some reason.

Imagine if this game had a Big Head code as well...
Imagine if this game had a Big Head code as well…

First thing i noticed is he has a pretty decent and easy to use jump. His attack didn’t seem that easy to use (essentially being a short stab) but seeing the enemies explode was definitely cool for  a NES game. You get a gun later though which is so much better (because you don’t need to go near enemies anymore obviously).

The health system didn’t seem that clever to me, i never knew how many hits i had left. Basically if you look at the image above you see a green square, that is not a health bar. Its sorta fills with black around the edges as you get hurt and when you’ve got 1 hit left only a small circle will be green. Luckily you can get extra energy cells so you don’t have to worry about it so much.

There is definitely alot of variety in enemies. In the first level alone there is Knife throwing guys with a robotic leg, Guys that spin something around, Some weird bearded guy with his lower body replaced with a flying mechanism and even robots.

I personally like the fact they don’t turn round since you can effectively assassinate them. Even better than that you can also get them to kill each other with their projectiles too.

Yes, thats an Ice Cream truck in a game set in space.
Yes, that’s an Ice Cream truck in a game set in space.

Straight after the first level you are forced to do another level to get you computer thing back, i personally don’t like it that much as the place is filled with annoying enemies, conveyor belts and instant kill lava. In other words i don’t believe this level should be so early. Luckily it doesn’t last long.

You can actually get an unavoidable game over in this level by purposely letting your computer get turned into an evil robot. All you need to do to stop it is shoot the machine before your computer goes in, pick it up and teleport back to the ship.

It looks so damn weird.
It looks so damn weird.

Before i finished this review i just had to check out Turvia, the planet most people that played this game remember the most. It was upside down, had flying fish and even resembled a maze at points. Totally awesome in its own way.

Overall i’d probably recommend this game for the weirdness alone but it also happens to quite a nice game as well. Totally worth trying at least once.


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