Asterix (NES) Retrogaming Review

Asterix is a Platformer for the NES developed by Bit Managers and Published by Infogrames in 1993. It is based on a french Comic Book of the same name.

The game only ever got a PAL release, the likely reason being not many people outside of Europe probably know of the character and therefore he’s not that popular.

This game has difficulty settings ranging from Easy to Hard like alot of games do as well as the option to turn the music on or off. Like always i chose Normal difficulty for the review.

Those graphics actually look quite good for a NES.
Those graphics actually look quite good for a NES.

First thing i noticed was a very good use of colors and objects. While the background may be simple its good to know they prioritized the most important aspect. The HUD was easy to read as well though the fact you needed to pause to see your score despite there being enough room was kind of weird. The music was pretty decent too but sadly nothing memorable.

The controls are pretty good as well. A lets you do a pretty decent jump while B lets you do a close range punch (which makes enemies fly off the screen in a very satisfying way).

The inclusion of the key which leads to secret rooms was nice and the time limit always seemed quite fair as well. Getting an invincibility potion was cool but didn’t really seem to last very long. One problem i had at first was the fact they already placed holes to your death in 1-2 which seemed a bit early. However it was also quite easy to get more lives so they both effectively cancelled each other out.

One thing i definitely noticed after playing a bit was there was also a massive variety between each level which is always something i like between level.

This is only Stage 2-2...
This is only Stage 2-2… (also i cheated to get those lives because i’m lazy).

From stage 2 onwards it started to show signs of Nintendo-Hard difficulty by greatly increasing the amount of instant death pits in the levels (and that includes the almost famous Instant death water). However despite the games love of the Death pits it never seemed like bad level design. Instead it was challenging and fun.

Overall i think this game is definitely worth trying out once (and i say that especially to American Retrogamers using emulators since its unlikely you’ve ever played this).



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