Aladdin (NES) Retrogaming Review

Supposedly “Disney’s” is actually part of the title.

Aladdin is a Platformer for the NES developed by NMS Software and Published by Virgin Interactive at the very end of 1994. Its based on the Disney movie of the same name.

First notable thing before i even started the game is that it has quite a decent version of the theme tune during the menu. It also has a difficulty option which is always a nice thing to see. For the review though i kept it on normal. The piece of story shown before each level was alright, not something that would sway my overall opinion of the game but still a nice addition.

Doesn't look right.
Doesn’t look right.

The music in the level is quite good but that might be the only thing. For some strange reason the sprites in the game looked almost like stickers. There was also the problem with the apples randomly floating in the air. Throwing the apples is also quite awkward, luckily pressing select allows you to switch to your sword and back. Except there is no visual indicator for what you have selecting until you actually try using it. Also enemies that are defeated randomly explode for no apparent reason.

It gets even worse, not only does falling usually end up making you walk for ages to get back where you was but i also noticed there isn’t even a death animation. The micro-second you lose your last hit point you’re already going back into the level. Also the Genie head sprite was red which annoyed me far more than it should of.

This took longer than i want to admit.
This took longer than i want to admit.

The second level took place in the desert so at least i could say there was decent variety in the levels but i found yet another problem as well. If you look above what you may see is an impossible jump, what you need to do is jump on the trees first. Although that isn’t what makes it bad, what does is that you don’t actually stay on the trees and it actually took me a while to realise i was actually standing on them for a bit.

I would of tried playing for longer but the third level was back to confusing the hell out of me so i gave up. Definitely do not recommend this game, play the other Aladdin games instead. They are far better than this one and its not just because they are on more advanced consoles.


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