Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES) Retrogaming Review

Adventures of Bayou Billy is a NES game Developed and published by Konami in 1989 for NA releases and later in 1991 for PAL releases. Its said to have 3 different play-styles from Beat-em-up, Gun Shooting and even Racing.

I started Practice mode since i couldn’t be bothered to try actually winning 3 levels to get to a car stage.

Hmm... Reminds me of someone.
Hmm… Reminds me of someone.

Let me point out straight away that the controls for the beat-em-up parts are horrible. B is punch, A is Kick and A+B is a Flying kick seems like generic beat em up controls. You could say that its not really the controls that are shit themselves but the game makes them seem that way. The mooks are just as ‘skilled’ as you are and to even survive two enemies you have to spam the flying kick. In fact weapons don’t help you either, all of them miss spectacularly if the enemy is too close to you and they don’t even flinch when attacking them from a distance. It wasn’t worth even trying to finish the level.

It could of been good but its just annoying.
It could of been good but its just annoying.

The so-called Action Driving sections are called that because as well as driving you have to destroy planes and other jeeps that are trying to kill you. This is incredibly annoying as a single crash into a jeep means instant death and in Practice mode thats instant game over (yep practice mode is a massive dick). There’s also a time limit but because of how quicj you die that never even come close to running out. No point looking at the Progress bar either or you’ll just realise how shit you are and never try it again.

That red and white circle is supposed to be a rocket...
That red and white circle is supposed to be a rocket…

I can’t really review games like this since i play via emulators but i can tell that like the other play styles it is seems hard. The Bullet counter seems to work in quite a strange way too. You seem to get a bullet back whenever you hit something so its essentially how many misses you can get (ignoring the fact if you leave people on screen you get murdered rather quickly). Luckily there is Medipacks that you can shoot to heal you (because that makes so much sense lol). It may be something in all Zapper games but the fact the screen blacked out with every shot with a white box where the enemies where really did annoy me.

Overall i think this game was Either poorly made or simply too hard for me, maybe a mixture of both. I would not recommend it at all.


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