Adventures in The Magic Kingdom (NES) Retrogaming Review

Should be called Annoying Minigames in the Magic Kingdom.

Adventures in the magical kingdom is a game developed and published by Capcom in 1990. The idea is Goofy left the Golden key to the castle somewhere and you (some random guy) needs to find 6 silver keys by winning Minigames (including a quiz).

As soon as you get into the game there is already something that greatly annoyed me which was the Hub map. It takes time to get from one minigame to the other which just adds to a false game length. It was likely they knew this though because of the quiz.

Luckily you are only asked one question per person (except the last one) and you have infinite tries since they expect you to be a Disney expert in order to get some of them right. Although being asked 1 question by each person is just an excuse to pad the game length since it forces you to walk to the next person each time. I obviously got this over with first and got the 1st Silver Key.

Looks normal but believe me it isn't.
Looks normal but believe me it isn’t.

The Racing Minigame actually looks possible and maybe a bit fun but that idea is thrown straight out the window once you’ve played it. To Drive you can’t just hold the button but you have to press up a few times as well (pressing down slows you). They might of thought this was clever but considering slowing down at all in this minigame pretty much makes you lose its highly unnecessary. There is also no indicator for what place you’re in and you car doesn’t turn. Other cars can also bump you and they try screw you over by making you wait for a bridge to appear which 100% will make you lose first time. And even after that there’s Fountains in the road for no reason right near the end. Thankfully i managed to win it and get the 2nd Silver Key.

100% not as good as it looks.
100% not as good as it looks.

Looks like a cool space minigame right? Well it isn’t. You could pretty much describe this as one of the first instances of the quicktime event. As you can see on the bottom screen you have to press directional buttons when it tells you to (as well as A or B to shoot spaceships/meteorites).

These games can be fun sometimes but this one feels like it drags and the only difference between sectors other than being the tiniest bit harder is the letter at the top of the screen. They also stupidly hid the life bar at the top of the screen despite the fact you’re too busy concentrating on the bottom of the screen to see it. Its easy to get used to though and i managed to get the 3rd Key.

So damn annoying but easy at the same time.
So damn annoying but easy at the same time.

Next one i played was this one pictured above. Basically the idea was to change train tracks dodging boulders and those stop sign things as well as broken tracks while making sure you arrive at Goal 4. It wasn’t difficult at all at the end since i won mainly because of sheer luck. Definitely not how i like to win things but considering how annoying it was at first i was quite happy to already have the 4th Key.

Doesn't look bad. Throwing candles is weird though.
Doesn’t look bad but it is. Also throwing candles is weird.

It didn’t look so bad but then i found something horrible in a matter of seconds. First of all your ammo is candles and if you don’t have any you can’t harm the enemies even by jumping on them. The other problem is Capcom didn’t even program a death animation and they just awkwardly fall of the screen.

It also doesn’t take that long for the game to start forgetting it isn’t Mega Man and give you moving Platforms over an instant death pit. I would of found the part after that where you had to stay on a platform for a bit with books attacking you more annoying if it wasn’t so easy to kill them with the candle collection you have by then. You’d think you were near the end of the level with the annoying beeping after that but it was actually a Boss Battle. The boss was annoying with the fact you went only a speck faster than it and could hardly jump over it without getting hit but luckily it only had 5hp. I had gotten the 5th Key.

Where's my weapon?! I want to beat the Pirates up.
Where’s my weapon?! I want to beat the Pirates up.

The idea about this minigame is to rescue 6 people and light a fire while dodging the pirates with no weapons at the start (you get your trusty throwing candles back). Like some of the other minigames the level is split into section, this time i can’t complain that there is a nice variety in backgrounds and stuff but they might of forgotten this game isn’t Mega Man again because of how hard it seems. Its actually quite easy though and i got the 6th (and final) Key.

Yep, this is practically all you get.
Yep, this is practically all you get.

After playing through all of minigames and going to the castle you don’t even get to see a few seconds of the supposed parade that they kept going on about and pretty much got a line of dialogue from each character and this end screen where the main character blinks while the other characters stare at you forever (or until you decide to put this game away and never play it again).

I personally don’t recommend it, even if you did find a particular minigame fun it will only last one playthrough. In fact if you could compare this to a Demo Disc where you are essentially get tiny pieces of full games. In other words it felt like it was just thrown together.


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