Have the Yogscast gone too far?

This image is probably Outdated but who cares.

Everyone knows about Yogscast right? A massive group of popular people that make Youtube videos. What they mainly do is play videogames, especially Minecraft…Wait. Yes, you read that right, all they really do is play videogames just like alot of other youtubers do.

Let me point out Popularity does not equal Importance, in my eyes they are exactly the same as everyone else. However from how they been behaving it seems they don’t think that way:

If i simply wanted to write a hate article though i would just rant about how even being part of the Yogscast doesn’t seem so special with the fact they have over 20 members now and the fact the title just seems to be abused to give people popularity but that would make me look bad. I’m writing this article for another reason. First lets go back in time to earlier this year:

I knew it wasn’t going to end well but i still feel sorry for the Developers.

Alot of people might remember that the Yogscast once attempted to have their own game called ‘Yogventures’. Even after the success of Angry Video Game Nerds game i was still highly suspicious on whether it would be any good.

It didn’t even seem long but before i knew it 13,647 had already raised $567,665, it seemed like it was going to be made. I was even hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, not because of the Yogscast but more because of the developers.

However, the game was suddenly canceled to everyone’s surprise causing many people to become outright furious. It was obvious the Yogscast would need to do something to fix the trust with the people that had spent money on the games development.

No money was sent back to the backers, instead they were offered another game (which happened to also be a Kickstarter project). They claimed they didn’t need to do that and they were being nice by giving out the game. Thats just where the shady antics started though.

As alot of people could guess most backers were not happy with being given something else and asked for a refund. Not only did the Yogscast refuse but they also told them to ask the Game Developers instead. The Game Developers didn’t even have that much money, in fact to this day people have questioned why the Developer put in $25,000 of his own money. Was it simply because he wanted the game to be as good as possible or something else?

It even turned out Yogscast had plenty of money though as they had been given $150,000 of the money back, the main reason was to buy a good Lead Developer for the game which never happened. Not a single excuse or reason was given out for what happened to that money but the answer is almost painfully obvious.

After the incident people’s trust in Yogscast has never recovered and its easier to see the full picture. While they are portrayed as a great bunch of people the main reason for what they’ve done and been mainly for money. And something has now happened recently which seems to prove it.

It smells of a PR stunt…

If you somehow haven’t seen the giant banner (or it was taken down for some reason) you’ll see the Yogscast have recently created their own Games Store powered by Humble Store (aka the place you get Humble bundles). It might look like a great thing, there is probably alot of people prasing them for it but it is definitely not as good as it seems.

All you need to do is compare it to the normal Humble Store to unearth the greatest problem. In the original store part of the money went to charities while the rest went to the Game developers themselves. However in the case of the Yogscast store a 5% cut is also given to the Yogscast every purchase. In the worse possible lighting you could say the Yogscast are essentially stealing from Charities and Developers.

Why do this though, it is incredibly obvious they already make plenty of money already. I don’t think i can find a single good point about it at all. Either way, i strongly believe that you shouldn’t buy any games from their store even if you are a fan of Yogscast, The money would do much better in the hands of developers and charities who truly deserve it.


2 thoughts on “Have the Yogscast gone too far?

  1. I am very sorry to disagree with you but the Yogscast do that because they are allowed to. In terms and conditions in funds to charity due to a charity event doesn’t clearly fully state that you have to give all the money to the charity. If im honest its a great way to help them fund to create more videos.


    1. You may be anonymous but i’ll point out the flaw. Just because you are allowed to do something doesn’t make it a good thing. They also made plenty of money without it.


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