Action in New York (NES) Retrogaming Review

I have a feeling i know why the name was changed…

This is quite a strange game in the fact it actually has 3 different titles. The American version is called S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team, the Japanese title translates to Final Mission and the title for Europe and Australia is Action in New York (the version i played).

Its a sidescrolling shoot-’em-up developed by Natsume and Published by either Natsume, Infogrames or Konami depending on the version.

This is supposedly the same guy in the boxart.
This is supposedly the same guy in the boxart.

The game starts rather quickly and you get some crappy (but still impressive for a NES) audio message to cheer you on. The game starts off epic, the backgrounds look really good (despite being purple) and it even has Lightning. The music is quite nice as well.

The main characters weaponry is probably the thing that made me like this game almost straight away though. Not only does he have a shotgun that can be powered up with different ammo (like most games of its time) you also have two turrets that move above and below you but you can also stop them at any time if you want.

Something else interesting is that unlike most games of this type the screen sometimes scrolls in different directions than just right.

This boss is more deadly than it looks.
This boss is more deadly than it looks.

At the end of the level you fight against a boss which is easily much harder due to less room to dodge. Of course that makes it awesome when you actually manage to beat them.

However if you don’t beat them or you die earlier you end up discovering a (not so bad) problem. You don’t actually have lives in this game, dying once gives you a Game Over. It is far more forgiving than other NES games though and lets you play from the Stage you died on and not start the whole game again effectively giving you infinite continues.

Overall i totally recommend this game, however do not get the Japanese version. Not only is the Japanese version much harder in all aspects it also has two things missing that were in the PAL and NTSC releases: The Map screen and the ability to reposition the turrets.


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