Adventure Island Classic (NES) Retrogaming Review

Here’s the American Boxart

Adventure Island is a Platformer on the NES developed by Escape/Hudson Soft and Published by Hudson Soft. It was first released in Japan in 1986, US in 1988 and finally the EU in 1992. The game is an adaption of the Arcade Game Wonder Boy.

I was actually looking forward to reviewing this one because of the fact its the adaption to Wonder Boy which is one of the first game i ever played.

As soon as you start the game there is a few things you notice. First thing is probably the fact you have no attack yet and you can jump like any ordinary platformer. After that you’d see the HUD which honestly is pretty shit with only a random number that’s you score, a number next to an icon of your head that is lives and a bar that’s a time limit.

The way to win the levels is rather strange, you go through 4 pieces of a single level collection floating fruit and veg along the way to keep your timer up while dodging enemies/obstacles and jumping over holes since being hit (without the skateboard) means insta-death. Its more fun that it sounds though.

That Snail is going to die any second.
That Snail is going to die any second.

You get a weapon too, the most common being a stone hammer which gives you the ability to throw hammers (bet you couldn’t guess that). You can also get what seems to be fireballs in hidden eggs found in the levels. They are more powerful than hammers obviously and can destroy more things.

When you have a weapon you will get a Skateboard from eggs instead which makes you faster and also stops you from going backwards or staying still which is a bad thing but getting hit makes you simply lose it instead of dying so they are definitely a good thing if you can get good with them.

This picture actually has nothing to do with the next paragraph
This picture actually has nothing to do with the next paragraph

One major problem that most NES games had was not its insane difficulty (which would already put some people off) but the fact it wasn’t kind about Game Overs. You didn’t get any continues and would have to start the whole game if you lost all your lives.

Even using an emulator i never managed to make it to the first boss but one day i will because its that kind of game. Totally recommend to any Retrogamer wanting a challenge.


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