[Update 01/07/2017: MarzieMalfoy of Vidme did a really good reading of this on her channel here]

Over 2 Years ago, it happened. What was meant to be the happiest day of my life turned into a horrific day beyond anyone’s imagination. I had just got back from a work trip and i was eager to see my wife and Newborn child in the hospital. My job was tiring and we never got the chance to get snacks so I also decided I treat myself with a bag of sweets. My wife was a caring person so I was sure she wouldn’t mind me taking a few more minutes to get there. The sweet I decided to get was a bag of Jelly Babies. I hate to admit it but I am rather childish at heart and just love to twist their heads off.

It took a long time to get to the Hospital but when I finally got there I stood there munching my Jelly babies while casually looked up at the windows imagining my wife’s smiling face as she holds the baby in her arms, although screaming suddenly filled the air and snapped me out of the happy daydream I was in. I thought that the screaming was simply someone in labour so it didn’t faze me that much at first but as I started to walk towards the hospital the screaming got louder, it was more than one person now. It might of just meant that the hospital was busy but i didn’t like it.

I walked slightly faster into the hospital, the Ground floor seemed quite calm but even then I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. When I went to the receptionist to ask which room my wife was in she noticed I had a bag of jelly babies and jokingly asked for one. I’m a nice guy so iI thought it wouldn’t harm anyone just to let her have one. Me and her were just about to start a small conversation when the screaming hit an all time high. Everyone on the first floor instantly looked upwards in surprise, something definitely wasn’t right up there.

As soon as I opened the door I was immediately stopped by Police. I had no idea why they were here and why didn’t the receptionist tell me. But simply looking at the floor gave me most of the answers I needed. There was so much blood it was more like a lake than a puddle. I asked the Policemen what had happened, they instantly went pale and one of them was sick but the other managed to tell me what he ‘knew’. A blatantly psychotic murderer had broken into the Nursery with some kind of weapon, literally crushing the babies into mush before dousing them in acid while leaving them in their cots for their unsuspecting parents to find. Upon hearing this I almost fell into despair until the sick cop managed to mutter under his breath that some of them were still alive. I just had to see if my child was OK and even if the worst had happened and my child had died I wanted to see my wife even more.

As I ran into the room there was a moment where I felt like I had accidentally walked through a portal into hell. The sound of people screaming was truly ear-piercing. What used to be cribs were now blood stained and filled with some sort of soup like mess of melted and misshapen bones and organs, something so bad you’d probably offer it to Satan personally. Some of the Mothers, whose minds were evidently destroyed by what had happened, were trying to hold and cuddle the lumps of flesh that used to be their children. As I walked around the room trying to find my child I could hear things being squished underneath my feet, the ‘Baby Soup’ was spilling out of the cribs creating a ‘lake’ of body parts on the floor.

A sudden surge of happiness filled my body when I noticed that two of the babies were still alive, and one of them was mine although they were both crying very loudly. When I got to the cot i was finally able to see my baby for the first time, It was a beautiful little girl who had the eyes of her mother. She smiled in a way that made me totally forget about my surroundings. As we were staring at each other I thought i’d have another jelly baby. I had two left so I thought I might as well finish them but as soon as I ate one of them the crying baby  behind me fell silent. It was too sudden so I turned around to see what had happened, the baby was now like the others although not so melted.

Either it was logic or insanity but that was when I finally realized the truth. The children were dying in eerily similar manner to the jelly babies. What kinds of deaths were these children put through? What had these mothers seen? Twisting their heads off, Chewing them up and then swallowing them to be digested. Was this really happening to real babies?

I just had to find out. I held up last jelly baby towards my child and unwillingly scratched it slightly, in that moment my baby started crying and a cut appeared on her arm. The shock caused me to drop the jelly baby into the ‘lake’ surrounding the cribs. I knew I needed to find it but suddenly the doors swing wide open and my wife walks in with the two police officers behind her who immediately started trying to search the room. Any happiness I would of had I seeing my wife in that situation faded fast as I watched her skin go white and her eyes dull as if her soul was being taken away. In desperation, I forgot about the Jelly baby, picked up my baby and hurried to my wife. When she saw our baby a small smile crept up on her face. Finally, I felt like I could escape from the hell I was in. But I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. I could hear one of the police officers walking toward the crib that my baby was in. I screamed for them to stop, he turned to look at me but he didn’t stop walking towards the crib. Those few seconds felt like an hour as i frantically searched the floor for the jelly baby. But i found it too late, the policeman was just about to stand on it. I turned around to my wife lovingly holding our child hoping that what i had seen was just my imagination, that i was going crazy and that everything was actually alright. But it wasn’t, at that moment my baby… exploded.  I had not just lost my child but also my wife who had became like the rest of them, soullessly staring at the lump of flesh in their arms.

Everyone that was there that day died in some way or another, the ones that didn’t commit suicide were simply too broken to do it, my wife included. Now and then I’ll see a report on how the murderer hasn’t been found yet but I’ve told them it was me many times but they didn’t believe and now I’m seeing a psychiatrist every week but I’ll never forget what really happened and neither will my wife. I fear she’ll never be like she used to.


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