Mojang now belongs to Microsoft. Here’s my Thoughts.

To many the idea of Microsoft owning Mojang was a Complete nightmare and now that its happened alot of people still think that. This article will look at the subject closely first and then i will give my opinions on what may happen.

What absolutely everyone knows is that Microsoft had been looking to buy Mojang for $2.5 Billion for quite a while. This in itself worried alot of Gamers, especially those that didn’t own a Microsoft Console. However it is actually more complex than that.


Everyone hates him now.

Not long ago it was revealed that as following the deal Notch (as well as the  two other founders, Carl and Jakob) will be leaving Mojang. This has stirred alot of Hatred towards Notch for ‘abandoning’ Minecraft.

According to a Statement Notch had left because he didn’t want the pressure of owning such a popular company and trying to make gbecause of Minecrafts overwhelming popularity. While this may be true there will still be people that believe that he simply ran away with a tonne of money (After all Statements aren’t always true).

Also included in the Statement was the promise was the fact that Notch would “continue to do cool stuff” but now that he has no ties to his company will anyone really care.

Forever a Dream. Never Reality.

Microsoft have been keen to put across that nothing will happen to Minecraft and that the game will continue to be updated or developed on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, and Android (Notice a lack of Wii U and 3DS).

In fact this is something i don’t really like about it. Even the article written by Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox is called “Minecraft to Join Microsoft” and basically has the name Minecraft in every paragraph while the actual company name is only mentioned a few times. While it may just be a mistake it really does give the impression that Microsoft don’t actually care about the company themselves. How long until the rest of the Mojang team decide to leave?

And it doesn’t stop them from trying anything funny either now that they own Mojang. First of all even though they said that they’d continue updating the other versions there is nothing stopping them from releasing them earlier on Microsoft consoles or even giving themselves exclusive content if they really wanted too. In fact its likely they have control over the price of the games as well meaning they could probably make versions not on Microsoft consoles more expensive if they wanted too.

One thing that is likely is that Mojang will probably never make a new game and whether or not that is a bad or a good thing is for you to do decide. As for Microsoft now owning Minecraft, only time will tell if its as bad as people think it is. Lets just hope it isn’t.



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