Microsoft buying Mojang?! What might it mean?

Considering the post is about Microsoft and Mojang this pic seemed like a good fit.

As you may have heard lately is that Microsoft is holding talks with Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) with the intent of buying it for around $2 billion. The Deal could be accepted as soon as next week as well. Although you probably already know this.

Everyone should know by now that the Console industry absolutely loves ‘Exclusives’, if an awesome game only comes on a certain console its likely they may buy the console for it. For example, Nintendo consoles sell like crazy when awesome games are released for it (they are good consoles though).

The first of two noticeable problems is the idea that a 3DS/Wii U version of Minecraft may be out of the question if this were to happen. Why? Because it would reduce competition. They can’t take away Minecraft from PC users or Sony Console Users because they already exist but they could stop more versions from being created.

And obviously Mojang isn’t just ‘The Minecraft Company’ like alot of people think they are. They have/will make more games at some point and its obvious that they’ll all be exclusive to Microsoft Platforms.

As an extra point people have been mentioning Rareware alot lately and from what i’ve heard they were bought and basically ruined my microsoft.

Overall, Although $2 billion sounds like a great amount of money ($20 makes me feel rich) i still think that it may not be a very good idea. As someone that can’t even afford a Last-Gen console i am very against exclusives, if a company has made it this far without this can’t they go further? Do Mojang really need the money?

If you’ve got an idea about it write down in the comments and i’ll make sure to reply as soon as possible.


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