Exposing Shitty Devs: MGL Design on Google Play

[READ FIRST: If the pictures are gone in this article that may mean the games ha e been taken down which is actually a good thing. If so comment and i’ll edit the article.]

Sure there are tonnes of MineCraft Clones out there and they aren’t going to end but are they ever necessary? The answer is no.  MineCraft has had Mod Support for a really long time now and therefore most of these clones can be easily done much better. The true reason Shitty Indie Devs create Minecraft related content is simply to take advantage of its popularity while praying on the idiots willing to download it. This is the case for a developer on Google Play known as “MGL Design”.

I first learned of MGL Design today when i was linked to a game they had only just released 28th August. The game was called Craft World Apocalypse andthe  logo featuring Steve with a gun (probably stolen from the guns mod for the real minecraft), strangely the Title in the logo was Apocalypse Craft. Here’s one of the shitty pictures taken straight from the page that proves its illegal:

Any Minecraft Fan would see something wrong with this!

From this alone it is illegal but from the details and the description it gets even worse. Not only does the description outright call it a Minecraft game but the devs even have the balls to put Mojang in their id (look at page url). “It can’t get any worse right?” y9u must be thinking and the answer is it does. By looking at the reviews (and ignoring the blatantly fake ones) all you see is bad controls, Too small or too big for people’s screens, lag, constant freezing and to top it all off: Ingame advertisements. They are not only using Minecrafts assets and even their name to try to get people to download it but they are even making illegal money from it as well. It totally has to be taken down.

There’s also another version of this game called Craft Apocalypse 2: City which by the looks of it was shat out by the devs not even that long after the first game. Here’s a pic from the game:

Videogame quality isn’t going to increase in less that a month.

This game like its (still relatively new) predecessor has all the problems of the first but manages to have an even worse problem; there’s a paid version. Yep, alongside this there is another version called Craft Apocalypse 2 Pro which is the exact same ultra shitty game but without ads. But the fact they are actually putting a price on the app therefore outright selling things that don’t belong to them for money this is even more illegal than the first game was.

So you must be wondering why i called out the developer first and mentioned the 2 games afterwards. Its because this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. They have alot more minecraft related shit games up on the store as well like:

Spawner Crafter Edition FREE (yes that’s actually the title)

Remind you of something?

Yep, its a horribly made game that is probably meant to piggyback on the popularity of simlilar games like Angry Birds. This time they actually have a badly made disclaimer in the description saying that Minecraft belongs to Mojang and they didn’t make it ad yet they have this in the description also: “Ad supported version. Upgrade and receive no ads and no permissions on install only 99 cents.”. Yes, the second game i looked at also had ingame ads so this one is also 100% illegal. They also have a Halo version of this game called Spawner Halo Edition:

Doesn’t even look anything like the other game… Still shit though.

Thats the only other game they steal things from other than minecraft. There are still alot of shitty minecraft games to go:

Fat Steve

Just a generic catch the item game using stolen assets.

The picture actually makes me feel a little sick, you can just tell how poorly/lazily made it was. And obviously they put minecraft in the ID again as well as supposed keywords in the description. According to the majority of reviews this game also has ads in it also making this illegal as well (noticing a pattern yet). There are some reviews that mention the game constantly asks for Ratings (which i guess the idiotic little kids that play this probably did). There’s still alot more games to go guys:

Zombie Killer

Bet no-one has a clue what to do from this picture (other than kill the zombies lol)

I never did find out what game the gameplay is probably based on is but obviously they are still ripping off minecraft as usual. It probably has ads too but i couldn’t get the info from the ratings because of all the troll reviews to go along with all the idiotic little kid reviews. Although there was alot of mention of the game not working in cases and alot of other problems, even people disappointed that the game was nothing like the tile screen suggested (because it was probably a stolen image). Time for the next one then:

Kill Steve Craft

Supposedly this is “The most convincing personal impact simulation seen on mobile devices! “

Ragdoll simulators sure are popular right? Could of guessed they’d want to shit all over that type of game as well. Its already looks bad enough from the picture alone with all the Steve’s practically merging inside each other but it gets even worse when you take a good look at the reviews. They consist of the game lagging, freezing and blood splatters (those red things in the above pictures) not leaving the screen even when you restart. No mention of ads in the reviews again but when the main problems are crashing and generally being an incredibly shit game then maybe not enough people got far enough to see them. Nearly seen them all:

Air Craft BETA

In this case ‘Beta’ mean ‘Lazily Made’

This actually took me by surprise, all the other shit they made was at least slightly predictable but i never thought they’d make this. Being the newest game there is practically no reviews. One of them is a Bullshit 5 star review with the letter “B” and the other mentions it “Wouldn’t Load”. There is no way to measure how bad this game is unless i played it myself which is something i absolutely refuse to do considering every other game they made is horribly bad. This is one of the many pieces of trash that will probably never leave BETA status but will continuosly suck in the idiots that think that this will get better one day. Almost done:

Flappy Craft

OMG, so creative… NOT.

I bet all of you knew there’d be one this this considering all the Clones that were made of the game. They could at least of replaced the pipes and made it 100% minecraft themed but as i’ve already mention, this shitty dev isn’t doing it for people to enjoy and instead doing it purely for the money he can get from tricking little kids. In fact it looks you can purchase the ultra crap Steve Headed Nyan Cat for ingame coins (but i wouldn’t put it past them to offer the coins for real world money like most shitty devs). Time for the last one (kind of):

Memory Mincraft Craft (No, i didn’t spell it wrong, thats actually what its called)

Whats the Yellow Face…

I may not be a Dev (yet) but even i know that a memory game must be one of the most simple games to program and by the looks of it they did a shitty job of this one as well. The review section contains nothing but idiots and trolls so no help there but i think this game might not have ads in (probably why they did such a shitty job. In fact the game is basically a reskin of 2 equally shitty Memory games (Meme and Logo) they released a year ago.

Here’s the link to the Dev’s games: MGL design on Google Play. It’d be super useful if you share this article with as many people as possible and maybe even one of the actualy minecraft Devs themselves.


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