What if Death caused by Smoking counted as Suicide?

As a non-smoker with alot of smokers in the family I’ve always wondered if there would ever be a way to get them to stop. But nothing ever does. In fact there has been so many attempts to get them to stop in so many different ways now that there really is no point trying. Lets briefly go over the 3 types:

The first was simply putting across the fact that they kill you. Advert Campaigns were put on Billboards, Radio, TV, Newspapers and anywhere else you can think of including the Cigarette Packets themselves. Usually with horrid pictures of Black Lungs that are practically falling apart due to smoking. Yet i have never seen someone get put off by one of these adverts.

So why is this, its because Cigarettes/Tobacco contain Nicotine which causes you to get addicted but i personally think that people use this fact as an excuse. Are these people even using their minds when deciding to smoke, i am pretty sure any withdrawal symptoms will ever be as damaging as the smoking itself. But because of these Weak minded individuals the 2nd type was born.

Suddenly things like Patches, Chewing Gum etc was being created to help quit smoking. Not only are these expensive but they don’t always work and in bad cases of stupidity people still smoke at the same time. In fact i have heard stories of people getting addicted to the Patches/Chewing Gum instead (as crazy as that sounds). I find it hard to believe they are actually trying to stop smoking and just trying to cash in from idiots. But after a while they pretty much gave up trying to make them quit and the 3rd one was born: Electronic Cigarettes.

From what i can tell electronic cigarettes are some really complicated little things that are kinda like real fags but without the massive health risk. They may be expensive but being fake they also last alot longer than normal fags. However I’ve personally never seen this work as a means to quit and more of a replacement (and even then its just temporary until they get another one).

Notice a pattern, trying to get people to stop smoking is just a waste of money on both the sides of the Campaigners and even the smokers themselves while the companies making the Cigarettes (real or fake), Tobacco, Patches and gum are raking in the money. And as long as they get money from it they will never stop producing them.

So this finally got me to thinking: “What if Death caused by Smoking counted as Suicide?”. I’ve never really like people that commit suicide since i’m an atheist that doesn’t believe in any sort of afterlife I feel i would never want to kill myself no matter how depressed i get. While i can feel sorry for some people that commit suicide, i get incredibly pissed off when the person that commits suicide has a perfectly normal life. And there’s probably alot of people that think like that as well. In fact i’m pretty sure if you asked Smokers themselves they’d tell you they’d never commit suicide.

And that’s where the (admittedly stupid) idea comes in, if Smoking counted as suicide would that cause a tiny enough change in people’s behavior to put more smokers off. Its really unlikely that it will work with all the failed attempts so far but at the end of the day smoking yourself to death was always a form of suicide. Its not just depressed people that can commit suicide in my eyes, killing yourself willingly in any way with the knowledge of what you are doing is suicide.

Thanks for reading this article, as a non-smoker i would like to apologize in advance that i obviously don’t share the same mindset as a smoker but i will not change my views on smoking. However feel free to comment below with your thoughts and i’ll try to reply to them as best as i can.


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