Plug Radio (aka unofficial Pandora Radio App) Windows App Review

[RIP Plug Radio! After getting a few messages I do my own research to find that not only has the app stopped working again but the developer has given up on fixing it almost a year ago. You can no longer sign into Pandora via this app which makes it 100% dead, its a very sad thing since it was actually pretty decent when it worked as you can tell by the unedited review below.]

If you’ve read some of my older posts you may have noticed that i writ a post on a fake pandora app that was on the app store. Because of this i had to check this one out as well. However i believe some effort was actually put into this. The Biggest upside about the app is that it is region-free so you can use it outside of the US and Canada if you already made an account. Here is the first of two screenshots:



This is the screen you see after the rather normal login screen (which i didn’t need to take a screenshot of. Its quite a simple and nicely made screen to select the station you want to play.

Normally the Bar at the bottom isn’t there, it appears if you right click anywhere. Right clicking nowhere gives you access to ‘Refresh’ and ‘Add’ while Right Clicking a Existing Station gives you ‘Play’ and ‘Delete’ as well. I believe pressing add while having a station selected is how you add music to the current station without making a new one.

One problem though is i found the search function a bit confusing so i did not take any screenshots.

Here’s a screenshot once you have selected one of your stations. For this i chose ‘Finding New Music’:



First thing you can notice is something that actually makes this better than the original: Being able to see what is going to play next. Its not really that special but it is something that alot of pandora users always wanted the choice to have.

Another good thing is the Stations are on the side for you to choose from. A problem about this though is the Right Click doesn’t work here and you cannot get back to the previous screen without shutting down the app which means you cannot add stations once you have chosen one.

The album art is nicely sized and the buttons and info look quite nice too. The Blank space there could be filled though, maybe with the Lyrics like the Browser version of Pandora has.

When i heard the app had ads i had a flashback to the piece of shit from the last blog post i did about the Fake Pandora app. However, now that i have seen it i can say that it has not gotten in the way of listening to music at all and i even welcome it. The creator of this app deserves it for all the hard work they have put into it.

Overall, i think this is actually worth getting especially if you are from outside the US or Canada like me and want to try the awesome music service out (although you have to make an account on the browser version first).



3 thoughts on “Plug Radio (aka unofficial Pandora Radio App) Windows App Review

  1. i thought it was something special when it cost me $4.99, but it wasn’t and its getting worse
    we might be on a different page, because it has a disclaimer and its not from pandora


    1. It was never official but when I first writ the review it was both free and decent. Sadly I heard it went bad after a while and even put a price (which is likely illegal) but I don’t have a PC at the moment to have another look at it.


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