Why Twitters Mute Feature is Horrible And Should Be Removed!

If you’re a Twitter User you may have know about the feature that was added allowing you to mute other people. I am not sure of the reason Twitter thought of this as a good idea or even if they did this for the average users but either way its one of the worst decisions they have made. Let me tell you something:

A strategy to gain followers that is hated throughout Twitter is the ‘Follow and Unfollow’ method where the user Follows a crazy amount of random accounts hoping for the users to follow back (which is what alot of accounts like to do). After they have followed back the user will then Unfollow almost straight away. However it is very easy to see if someone has unfollowed and there are plenty of sites created solely for this purpose. However, ‘thanks’ to the Mute feature they know have an almost perfect way to bloat their follower counts.

Think about it, the only reason people can catch someone who uses Follow and Unfollow Tactics is the fact that you can tell if they are following you or not. However, you cannot tell if they have Muted you. Because of this there are probably loads of accounts pretending to follow back while secretly muting everyone. It would be as if you are only following a few people. Having a follower that has muted you is not that different from having fake followers because its unlikely you’ll ever have a  conversation with them.

In fact, you could almost say that these kinds of people are worse than some of the Bots on twitter because of that.  Some Twitter Bots actually have the ability to reply to you, you can’t have a conversation or anything but its something.

So what if you legitly find someones posts annoying? Just unfollow them, its as easy as that. It doesn’t matter if they unfollow you as well. Its much better to treat the Follower count as just a number as trying to hard with have negative consequences. Would you rather have 10,000 followers but only 100 are active or 1000 followers that are entirely active? The choice is obvious.

Overall, i think the Mute feature has way too much potential to be abused and i don’t see any good reason to keep it. Please share this as much as you can, if its not seen by a large amount of people it will be nothing more than a simple rant. Also say what you think in the comments or follow me on Twitter.



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