Pandora User? Don’t Download the Windows 8 App.

UPDATE Jul 8 2014: Checked the Windows Store and the app is no longer there. Make sure to tell me if any other apps ever try the stuff written below.

UPDATE Jul 28 2014: Found another Pandora App called Plug Radio. I haven’t checked it out but it has ads and is therefore probably llegal too. Here is the link anyway if you want to try it: Plug Radio (I will delete this update if i decide it isn’t any good)

Do you listen to Pandora? Are you also a Windows 8 User? Then you must know about Windows Apps, the things that makes your computer just like a Smartphone just obviously better. Apps are useful right? Just download them and then you can access what you want without having to open up a browser first. In fact there’s a Pandora App. Problem is its one of the most laziest attempt to farm money from unsuspecting users ever. First of all lets point out the app in the store so you don’t download it.PandoraShit

Noticed anything odd? How about the fact that this piece of shit has over 4 stars and is on the ‘New and Rising’ page. Although this is mainly from the idiots that this app is targeting. The idiots that are rating this highly simply because its Pandora. I’m not an idiot, i’m going to show you what you get when you open the app.


Ignoring the page in the background (i’m not from the US so i can’t use Pandora*) you can see that the creators of the app have done nothing but put the web version of the site in a box and surround it with adverts. They even went as far as trying to get people to pay to remove the ads which as far as i know doesn’t actually do anything, its just a trap.

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour, its also quite illegal. It is very likely that this is not an official Pandora App meaning they are trying to profit from something that does not belong to them. Even if they somehow did have permission to do this (which is impossible) it is still something i will not allow to stay in the app store.

Please help me get this trash removed from the store by sharing this article on as many sites as possible, writing real reviews and reporting it for copyright infringement in the app store. Make sure these guys do not get another penny.

*Actually Non-American/Canadian people can use Pandora themselves by using Chrome with the Hola Better Internet Extension. When creating an account put any address code in and it will work.





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