Theory: The Mario Universe is Screwed Up


I love coming up with unique ideas and the other day i decided to say that Coins in Mario might be souls, not only did i find more and more evidence that worked with this but it slowly got larger and larger into it turned into what i’m writing now. I’ve decided to do it on a per game basis at the moment but i may change it around later.


Everyone that has played this game has probably already heard the ‘theory’ that because Bowser turned the inhabitants of mushroom kingdom into blocks and the fact that Mario breaks blocks throughout the game means that not only is he a murderer but its so believable that most people think of it as canon. Then it hit me, how do these blocks have coins in them then? What if they were souls and Mario was basically harvesting them.

Someone then asked why some blocks have many coins and the others have none at all. My reason is that the toads are actually already dead and that the souls are gathering in one spot (because they supposedly do that). The reason i can say this is from my knowledge there is no evidence that any of them turned back after you finish the game.

About the other coins, have you noticed that the higher the world the less and less coin there are. To coincide with the Dark nature of my theory i like to imagine that Mario is not the only person that went to save the princess but a large Mushroom army tried to save her as well. World after World there was less and less survivors and hardly anyone managed to make it to World 8.

There are also 2 special places that you can go to during the first game, they are the underground special stages and ‘Coin Heaven’. While the underground special rooms seem like mass graves of sort due to being dark and gloomy the Coin Heaven could be renamed to ‘Soul Heaven’ and then what mario is doing is just beyond evil.

Why is Mario given a 1-Up the minute he collects 100 souls. Its because he has made a pact with Death or maybe even satan himself. He is not using the power of souls to come back from the dead but simply bargaining.

Even the Mushrooms aren’t innocent, not like you could ever trust something with a face on it. I believe that they get their nutrients from corpses. Considering that they can be found inside bricks (which are supposed to be toads) they may even grow using lifeforce. This makes sense since a 1-Up mushroom lets you come back from the dead.

The Fire Flower is in this game but it doesn’t have the strange powers it has in later games (see Super Mario World).



This is where the Fire Flower shows its true self, every time you killed an enemy with it a coin was released. Although being able to get a coin from the koopa and the shell is definitely strange it makes sense that the coins left behind are there souls. Stronger Souls may fragment into multiple coins anyway.

Why don’t other attacks give you a coin though you ask, well everyone knows that fire is sacred and that the idea of a cremation is to release the soul from the body. Although i didn’t really want to go with this answer having something else would mean there’d be no way to explain how the spin jump works (as it completely destroys the enemy).

Some idiot did try to say that the enemies just happened to keep money on them. Its is easily dismissed when you think that the coins are easily as big or bigger than some of the enemies you can get them from. Also, if they had money on them then they’d drop it no matter what.

The normal coins aren’t the only coins in this game though, it is also the dawn of the yoshi coins. It isn’t that hard to guess who’s souls i’m going to say they belong too. I even have a theory that gives you a good idea why they are so much bigger than the souls of everything else.

When yoshi eats an enemy, you somehow gain a coin. There is no real way that’d work unless… Yoshi is a soul devourer. There’s even something else mysterious about yoshi, it has the ability to grow and breed quickly by absorbing the life force of whatever it eats. In this game it can even lay eggs containing mushrooms which as i said earlier in this theory probably grow using lifeforce.


I plan to add on to this but for now i will leave it at that. I hope you enjoyed what is here so far and feel free to comment on anything that also fits this theory.





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