Mario Maker – Is it real and what could it mean



With E3 on its way there has already been a tonne of leaks but not long ago this mysterious picture surfaced on the internet. It is plain to see what it is from the picture and the name. If it is true Mario Maker will let people make their own Mario games which will be absolutely awesome.

Although some people may see this as fake i can actually see a lot of reasons that this may be an incredibly smart move on Nintendo’s part. Let me explain:

Although this would be the first one of its kind there has always been Rom hacks available of older games. Even tools to create these hacks have been made as well. As this seems to be for 2d Mario games i think the best example would be LunarMagic. LunarMagic is a popular editor made to expand Super Mario World Roms and allow for custom level creation as well as some custom content, it is by far one of the most popular Rom hacking tools for retro games out there. It doesn’t seem unlikely that Nintendo may have noticed this as well.

The main problem with this though is how that picture seems to be using extremely retro sprites. Sure, Nintendo could always do that but wouldn’t it be better to have it using Super Mario World Graphics since at the moment LunarMagic looks better. Although there are still alot of things that would (or might) make this worth purchasing.

First thing is the fact that its official, it doesn’t matter how good third party stuff is some people will only trust officially made things. Secondly, The Wii U and 3DS have not been hacked meaning that there is no way to put Roms or Rom-hacks on them anyway. Thirdly, LunarMagic is actually quite confusing for the average person, it would be another Pro if this was simple enough for everyone to pick up. Fourth, if this is priced quite cheap i can see alot of people buying it.  There is a 5th thing but its only relevant for a few people and i need to explain something first.

As we all know Nintendo has decided to launch a Affiliation program on YouTube, giving the possibility that those with nicely sized channel might finally earn a bit of revenue from videos with Nintendo content. Although there are alot of people that are still against this (Boogie2988 being one of them) i think this could work in Nintendo’s favor. When/if this game is released there will be people doing letsplays of their own games, letsplays of other peoples games and so on and so forth. It is likely that youtube will be absolutely swamped in the stuff. If Nintendo were to even take part of the revenue from all these videos they are likely to make a nice bit of money. Although people probably don’t like that idea you cannot deny that is a smart business decision on their part.

What do you think of Mario Maker? Do you think its real? Would you buy it? Tell me in the comments as well as any other thoughts you have.


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