Youtube going after Giveaway Vids?! Warning + Info.

Not long ago it was confirmed that YouTube’s policies on giveaway videos have been changed. It is now against the rules to ask for like, comments (and probably also subs) in these kinds of videos. First of all the warning is to remove all Giveaway videos that you have on your channel no matter how old they are. Its highly likely that you asked for one of the above and i’m not sure if the YouTube system will really care anyway.

If a video is claimed to be against these new rules then you can get a strike against your channel. It doesn’t take that many strikes to put you down for good so leaving even a single video up is one of the greatest risks you can take at the moment.

Don’t get all pissed off at YouTube though, this is actually a good move on there part. From my perspective i have seen fake giveaways on the rise recently and this will definitely be a good way to at least start tackling them and make sure that videos are rated in a fair and unbiased way.

Its believed that you can still run giveaways if you do not ask for any of the things above. There are a few questions that i would like to ask about it. If you are not allowed comments would that mean you couldn’t ask a question and have your subscribers answer them in order to enter. In a way that is asking for comments after all.

There is also a problem i foresee, what about people that ask for likes and comments on a YouTube video for an off-YouTube competition. There are alot of things that you can track on YouTube videos (like how many times its been tweeted) but i don’t see them being able to stop that.

I hoped you liked this quick article and you come back to read some more at a later date.



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