Mario Karts Mercedes Car DLC? Here’s my Opinion.


Earlier today it was revealed that Nintendo have made a deal with Mercedes to give out a free DLC pack to the Japanese players of Mario Kart 8 over the summer. Before you start worrying, Nintendo UK are quite positive it will be available to Non-Japanese people as well. The Mercedes GLA (as pictured above) is the first ever product placement vehicle in a Mario Kart game but was it a good idea?

First of all considering that the game is mainly focused on Karts and Bikes the inclusion of this kind of car does seem incredibly out of place. I could even say that it may be the most Out of place product placement so far that i know of. Although i still like the idea of having something new to drive with.

I know that it may sound a bit weird straight after calling it out of place but i feel it would be less so if this wasn’t the only car of its kind. I’m not saying i want the game to become ‘Mario Product Placement Racing’ but at the same time maybe it’d be slightly better if there were 2 or 3 more.

One of the best things about this DLC though that almost negates all the nitpicking is that it is free. It has already been widely agreed upon that if this sort of DLC was into a Non-Nintendo made game you would probably have to pay for it so i’m glad they have us in mind.

Even better is what this tells us, now that we know that the game has DLC that means there will be a good chance for more in the future. We already know that Mario Golf has DLC courses so its not a bad thing to expect a few new Racetracks appearing during this year. In fact, although it is unlikely there is nothing stopping Nintendo from sneaking the old-school battle maps back into the game at a later date.

Another way to look at this positively is to think of it this way: If Nintendo is willing to add a Car that looks out of place then that means they are probably ok with characters that might seem out of place as well. Although it will never get close to my idea of a ‘Super Smash Kart’ of sorts its not that far off to think some characters like Kirby, Pikachu, Olimar, Ness and Toon Link might all look OK in the game.

What are your thoughts on this DLC? What content do you really want to see in the future? Please comment below.


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